Self-love is the most important. Make sure you're kind to yourself.

At New Mood,  (Michelle, Patsy and Julie) love nothing more than to take care of all the wonderful women who come in to the store or engage with us on our many platforms. 
Almost without exception, we notice everyday how harshly women judge themselves about their physique. 
We get it ladies - we even do it to ourselves from time to time. 
But what are we to achieve by such tough treatment of ourselves? Well, not a whole lot really. 
Maybe February is a good month to cut yourself some slack? Life has been so tough for quite a while now - we'd do well to remember that when critiquing ourselves for whatever number of things we find wrong with ourselves. If we were to have a euro for every time the 'covid stone' is mentioned in store, we'd have quite the fortune at this stage! 

So this month, why not have that 'chat' to yourself in a much kinder way? Acknowledge how different life has been for the last few years and if a few extra pounds is all you have to show for it, well then that's no big deal. Spring is a great time for a fresh start, but remember, you're more likely to succeed with your goals if you are positive with yourself! 

And finally, if you need a hand to figure out what might suit you best in terms of clothes, or are just need a bit of a hand with figuring out your shape, just give us a call or drop in to the store - it's our absolute favourite thing to do with our customers x

Be kind to yourself x

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